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The Virginia Court Reporters Association takes the following position regarding the formation of the Virginia Board for Court Reporters (VBCR):

That the VBCR be formed to raise the level of competence, ethical standards, accountability, and professionalism of those who practice in the Commonwealth of Virginia; to issue licenses to court reporters who meet the prescribed qualifications and who demonstrate their ability and fitness for such license; and that the board is formed to ensure the protection of the consumer and the litigants who may be affected by the competency of court reporters.

At A Glance

What Court Reporters Should Know

Licensure will:

    • Create the Virginia Board of Court Reporters to provide guidance and oversight to individual reporters as well as court reporting agencies.
    • Protect and promote a court reporter's professional status.
    • Establish a public registry, distinguishing reporters by method and certification.
    • Grant you authority to administer oaths in person or by remote means.

Licensure may be obtained by:

    • National certifications
    • Reciprocity with other jurisdictions
    • Length of time in profession
    • Apprenticeship

What Attorneys Should Know

Licensure will:

    • Create the Virginia Board of Court Reporters to set forth standards, investigate complaints, and ensure compliance with Virginia laws.
    • Ensure minimum standards of competency are met by all Virginia court reporters.
    • Establish standards of procedural and ethical conduct.
    • Maintain an up-to-date public registry of court reporters statewide to assist in ease of scheduling and transcript retrieval.

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